Letting go of control

Its a lifetime business and a process that needs ongoing inquiry. Space and structure require each other, just like these rocks hanging here with the blue sky as its background.

Waiting for the world to resume to open space, to health and freedom to travel between countries. Waiting for the world to embrace democracy as it used to when I was young, at least the western countries. I don’t like what i’m seeing in countries like Belarus, Russia, USA, China, Hungary, Poland etc. It gives me a bad feeling and Im just wondering how can a person spend so much energy wanting power when they anyway soon is going to be dead? How can a person not care what happens to the people of a country, it just is strange. What a waist of time and life.

Pondering, contemplating presence, being presence, being being, who is the watcher, who is aware? This early buddhist statue shows a contemplating being with wisdom. Where are these beings today in our world? It may be the person next to you walking down the street, in the subway, at your office. It may be yourself in a glimts of a moment when you are sitting on the toilet.

The image of compassionate Avalokiteshwara

We can learn to be kind and practice kindness and it’s good for everybody. But it’s difficult in the face of hatred, threat, hunger and pain. These are those challenging moments in ones life when we need to hold our selves and return to basics. The basics of breathing and staying close to our inner being, body and senses and not think too much. Often we need help to do so. I most certainly did many times. Thanks to all those who where there for me in those difficult times. May we never be afraid to ask for help and look for support. May all beings be happy and free from suffering. May all beings wake up to their inner most true nature of loving presence.

Small contemporary Icons in acrylics with gold available on order for your home altar just email me for more details: mettha@gmail.com

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