The Nameless blues

This was the title of a song I wrote once long time ago during a meditation retreat in England. I don’t remember the tune but what I do remember is the feeling I had when the song came. Just like recently on a Diamond Approach retreat during a week, when we where taught and initiated into the Nameless Boundless Dimension. I loved it beyond words.

I melted away into this material. It’s about the pre conceptual, before the mind gives name to things, which it of course does all the time. It is its job so to speak, to name things and make this world understandable. But when we practice awareness,

which is at the heart of meditation, we can touch the unnameable pre- conceptual and learn to rest in the heart of being without giving names to everything. This is really liberating and profound.

If you ask me ”How” – I can just say it has to do with staying, relaxing, letting go of the need to fix and organize things. It has to do with a practice of awareness and learning to simply be aware.

Meditation is the profound tool for learning how to simply be and rest in the simplicity of being. We may think that life can be resolved by our thinking, that we have some control when we think. But its a trap where we maintain our identity and it has a lot to do with survival.

To be honest with you it has taken me a lifetime to get clear about these things and yet its here available all the time, this moment when experienced without clinging is touching the endless sky.

The Buddha was so accurate indeed.

May all beings wake up to this understanding and be liberated from the suffering of the clinging identity, the patterns of the past, our history.

This is also why I love to teach meditation, we get to share the nameless blues in all its simplicity. //Kali – Stockholm – May 21- 2023

Next retreat I teach will be in August 16 – 20 outside Uppsala, Sweden

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