A Dharma Talk

”Dancing in The Oneness & The Particular”

Welcome to see and listen to a talk given during a 10- retreat in Bodhgaya/India, this March 2023.

I am so glad and thankful to Radha who taught the ”Anapanasati Sutta”, (Mindfulness of Breathing) – teachings of the Buddha, with such grace, preciseness and clarity.

During a ten day retreat with Radha Nicholson, from Australia, in Bodhgaya at the Thai monastery with a bunch of wonderful people, I was given the opportunity to give a talk in English (which I hade not done for a few years), yes, I was nervous and succeeded to mix things up towards the end, but Im not so good in editing so here it is in its rough form.

Some friends on the retreat expressed their appreciation so for them and anybody who might enjoy or benefit from it, here it is.

Yours warmly

Kali, Franciska von Koch

Läs mer: A Dharma Talk Läs mer: A Dharma Talk Some photos from those lovely days: A Dharma Talk

The Mahabodi Temple in Bodhgaya, the place of The Buddhas Awakening

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