Art and meditation is LOVE

Art and meditation is my heart- door to the deep mystery of the present moment. Art for me contains music, painting, singing, playing instruments, listening to music, dancing AND meditation contains presence, being, mindfulness, breathing, Dharma teachings and death. Yes living and dying is present in meditation watching each moment come and pass, bringing awareness to change, impermanence and the ever fleeting timeless space in which all appears and disappears in. Now it is Fall, yesterday it was Summer and before that Spring. Now we have a Pandemic, tomorrow we will see. But our longing is for homecoming to the depth of our own True Nature. We may think its out there but…..I believe it within our own being. Call it love, God, being, presence, emptiness, space, Nirvana, Grace.

Throw it into the air and see how it lands

 The depth of oral longing is simply a reflection of the deepest longing of the heart for its ultimate beloved. One has mistaken the libidinal exciting object of the oral stage for the true beloved, thus embarking on a never-ending journey of estrangement. By turning outward for fullness, the soul disconnected from her inner Being, then sought in outside objects.” Hamid Almaas – ”The Point of exixtence” 

Be happy and change the world!

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