Expanding our Horizon

Lets work on staying kind and inclusive

Morning meditation under the mosquito net. Sunrise and it was the second day of curfew. Timeless in the universe when connected to core being and present with the here and now. 🙏In these times when many people are sick we need to expand our horizon and embrace everybody in our awareness I feel. Just feeling the connectedness with everything❤️

Art from 

Looking at the stars from my rooftop laying on my back. I can recommend it. This is a painting of The Medicine Buddha, he is blue like the infinite sky 🙏just like our soul connected in oneness to all living beings.

Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly. Martin Luther King Jnr

Allowing for vulnerability and staying with yourself is not bad. But get connected in healthy ways is important, for us so we can connect over internet but use a kind voice. Everybody is extra sensitive and the written word lands deeper now. A judgmental tone can be very painful these days during isolation and lockdown. Some people experience more loneliness than others. Some are too packed up together, others are to alone. The society is under pressure and we need to lift our self-centeredness to include all living beings, here and around us. This will heal the world. Be kind, kindness is a key.

Photos from under the mosquito net in the early morning on the veranda
Sun set second curfew day from my roof in India


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