Buddhism reigned from India to Istanbul

Did you know that King Ashok in India transformed Asia to Buddhism. Later the Moghuls (Islam) took over many countries. I am not against any religion or faith, but I m against war and fundamentalism no matter which flag it goes under. Our world is under the spell of national winds these days, and it is no good sign. The second World War was initiated like that. I have written a book about the days when most religions, including Islam, was embracing feminism. I travelled through Iran without anything covering my head. I travelled through Afghanistan in the same way. There where no Talibans or IS in those days. IT was the 70.ties and we all believed in Peace, love and understanding. I fell in love with a man from a culture of honour, we got married. Want to read about it? Download my book from Amazon in Englis or Adlibris in Swedish. I was just 17 and it was 1971….When I met him he showed me sculptures from the Buddhist time that farmers had found in the ground after the rain, so called Ghandhara epoch. We lived near an old Buddhist ruin in Pakistan for a while and we lived in Stockholm.

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Consciousness is holy, no matter who it belongs to

Today I was saddened by the hate I see in the world. Its so un ethical to hate, manipulate, set people up against each other and plant seeds for hate, publicly and in private, at work and on social media. I can only return to prayer in my heart, may people wake up to the truth of who they are, that we are in this world together, that consciousness is holy, no matter who it belongs to. (And by the way, it does not belong to anyone, but appears in everyone who is alive)