Summer & natures bossom

Oh dear, it’s too long since I last updated my blog! What have I been up to you may ask. I wonder, while Face booking eats up my time! But I promise to give more attention to you now, my dear reader. Life plays out its drama while something deep down is very still. As a working class hero I hope this will be my last year as employed, and that my time for writing will increase with my retirement in 2020. In the mean while loving, playing, meditating, having time for creativity plus hanging out in nature has a priority. Next week I will share with you how that happens this Summer. Until then I pray for your happiness and wellbeing. And if you still have not read my book, you can order it below and enjoy a good Summer reading. Three bows… SisKaLi, Franciska

Blessings from my hermitage
Absolutely stunning and the fact that this is non-fiction, that this is a true story, makes it even more interesting. Told with a warm and endearing voice, Franciska von Koch brings to life the people she met while living as the young Swedish bride in the Pakistani home of Shahid and his family.
Franciska von Koch paints a moving portrait of her alter ego Magdalena’s trials in the Swat Valley of northern Pakistan, the beauty of the countryside, the love of her husband and his welcoming family and the eventual collapse of their dream.
Sieve the light
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