Look behind, look behind I said to myself, and there it was so clearly

This photo was shot in an instant this morning when I saw through…
Behind and through the structure you see the Mountain Arunachala 
The structure is the mind that becomes more transparent with meditation
The mountain is the timeless presence and is called (Shiva) Arunachala.

Arunachala the Sacred Mountain

This is one of the metaphors that came to me today – coming out of the meditation hall, after breakfast this morning – my mind was dwelling in a greater vastness that touched my heart deeply. What normally would be considered as an ugly building construction that is disturbing the view, became a beautiful description and metaphor. In the beginning of our spiritual path we don’t see the forest for all the trees, (as they say in Sweden). We are so full of ourselves, our own mind, thoughts, beliefs, opinions, emotional issues, desires and fantasies. With the practice of meditation this ”veil of the mind” gets thinner and more transparent. We get to see what is behind.

Nandi the Bull

Perfect devotee
Nandi, the Bull
sits outside every Shiva temple with an unwavering look on his beloved, Shiva. 
I understand this as the human contemplation with no distraction concentrated on the target, the empty dwelling in the heart, just staying there and all gets clear, structures fall away, space becomes wast and the truth is seen clearly, the presence that holds everything.

A friend told me of her experience as a window, another metafor. I contemplated her word ”window”- beautiful! Yes I thought to myself,
there is an open window
Which can be felt as a heart
Where there can be felt a crack
A sweet wound
Through which I can enter
Into vastness 
And in that dwelling
There is no you or me
Only presence
Timeless vast and all one
Then there is no coming or going – in to it
It just may appear so for the person/mind
Thoughts may arise or not
The heart will not be affected
Heart=abiding presence
All words fall short
It may look like a station, (for the person) as if one enters or leaves but we know this is not really true
Here nothing comes and goes
🙏🙏🙏only love abides
Kali, Franciska von Koch, South India one of those blessed days

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