Don’t mess with my love I said to myself

About isolation, love, abusive spiritual teachers and my true story

I tell myself today, its just another morning. When taking it for granted it is a big mistake. And that is how I relieve myself from my emotional story of pain, how I return to innocent presence, without entanglement. And then and there, in this moment I become free of the past.

From a photo project coming up – bathing in the shadow of the Sun

We had Christmas and New years is coming up, a time that we hopefully spend with loved near and dear ones. I did get invited to very dear friends and it was sweet and now as New Years is coming up it is a time that I find myself being somewhat isolated in my cabin in the countryside. Its my choice and not my choice at the same time. I will use my free time to write and take walks in the woods. Wishing I was one of those poets like Mary Oliver, living alone writing in nature. But my need for community / communication / mirroring is to strong, so I end up on social media and here I am. This is not a cry for mercy or empathy, I just like to share and reflect some things that concerns me.

Since I grew up with a large family and lots of festivities, I find myself pretty isolated as I live alone and don’t have kids of my own. I sort of decided not to spend another Christmas or New Years in Sweden unless I have a partner/family next year. Unless I am totally content with my situation being alone without a sense of context, unless I can appreciate my situation and enjoy it, I wont spend it alone.

My book and true story in Swedish and English touches upon many cultural beliefs, abusive spiritual thinking and adventure.

So this begins to look like a very narcissistic text that I am writing which hits the nail why I am self-judgemental: it was not allowed in my childhood, to feel needy, dependant and emotional. You can imagine what that does to a young child. I toughened up and developed a very thick skinn. Today this skinn has had a major meltdown so everything is up to my face, I feel it all and its good, because when it can be felt all the way to its core, then it can be digested and there lays a treasure there, at the center. A treasure of being and presence. And that topic along with why I have the name ”Kali” along with my given name is something I will write more about in a coming blog text. So now over to another topic.

I have been reading some very upsetting articles about some existing cults that uses spiritual language and where appalling sexual abuse is taking place. It is no less then horrifying. Since I am a very dedicated spiritual meditator and an experienced ”Dharma-walker” with lifelong experiences of teachers and gurus I really hate cults and abusive teachers. Sure we are all humans, all teachers no matter how wise they may be, are humans, which means instinctual, sexual, power-issues can take over in moments. But there is no excuse for abuse. The greater power an individual has the greater is the responsibility.

Since I am also a Psychotherapist I get very engaged in matters that touches abuse in Spiritual paths and abusive teachers who not only misguide people but also damage them. So here comes a very disturbing information about the misuse of the word Tantra, and other old sacred teachings that have been totally misunderstood. When you open the link you find a lot of things you may want to know if you are interested in this subject:

Since my writing journey begun and I published my first story in Swedish it has come out in English. I want to share with you a review of My book ”Uncommon Ground” by Ken Schubert which touches me a lot:

Masterfully written drama of the modern world”
A Romeo and Juliet tale of doomed passion, this book traces the evolution of two earnest souls bound together in the maelstrom of the late twentieth century. With an unerring eye for detail and a tantalizing detachment that comes from innocence wrapped in hard-won maturity, the narrator portrays the similarities and differences between two cultures in the process of radical upheaval and transformation. The characters, both the protagonists and their families, come to life like photographs in a scrapbook, suggestive and palpable. The reader follows the journey of a young woman, wise and bewildered beyond her years, as she finds a balance between the desire for surrender and independence. The guileless, sure-handed translation brings out the colors and universality of the narrative. Highly recommended for anyone who is seeking a masterfully written drama that weaves together the paradoxes of the past half century of human history.

You can get a taste and more here:

Due to many English speaking friends I have decided to write every second blogg in English. (Just please bare with my lousy spelling and somewhat limited vocabulary.) My book that was translated and published in English last Spring, which you find here by the way: 

It was translated by a very professional woman: 

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