Freedom and the myth of permanence

I’m waking up in this first night back in my little flat of Stockholm with a contentment in my heart. I feel connected; with my beautiful friends here and elsewhere in the world, I feel connected deeply in my own heart ️, I feel there is love, there is love and deep inner connectedness, this brings peace and inner silence and gratitude. A few hours later though, I realise things have changed, I can’t hold on to those feelings, if and when I grasp at them, it is painful because no feelings stay the same, nothing does in fact. So then it becomes emptiness and here comes the challenge to let go and not try to hold on. I read an article: The Myth of Permanence – and this liberates my mind from the pain. The moment I see how I grasp the sweet feelings of love that was felt in my heart last night and that I now miss (!), i can release the grip. Now i can rest in the flow of things, letting go into this moment. But with daylight anxiety comes; what am I doing here, its so lonely, I have no where to hang my ego, its all so very empty, silent, scary. I don’t want to go out today, I remain in my night clothes the whole day, I don’t succeed to unpack my bags. Finally get to the cushion for meditation, ok 45 minutes later my mind is calmer and the unbearable emptiness gets some presence to land in, some presence in my body to land in. ”With a little help from my friends”, i.e. inquiry into the present moment over Skype, I find some calm and connectedness again.


Eventually I also succeed to return to my writing that started in India five weeks ago and I thereby find calmness in the inevitable transition which is hard, coming from a sacred place like that where the holy mountain and the presence of Ramana Maharishi is felt so vividly, plus all friends that I have met there. Its not easy to be confronted with the cold wether and the lack of immediate support of a spiritual family. The West is comfortable sure and this is my home, but here many people live one and one in their own flat all by them selves. I lost my family only some two years ago, still getting used to living a life by myself, something I never did for very long. A spiritual life as a single in the world but not of it. It takes courage, strength and wisdom. I humbly pray for all of them to take me through this path of a razors edge; on one side is lust, greed and hatred – on the other side fame, glory and richness, to walk straight through the fire of opposites means to see the transparency of life and at the same time serve in the world. I am happy that on Monday I will be back at work, serving the elderly people in sharing arts and music. Thank you, whoever you are, as Mary Oliver says in her poem; Wild geese: ”…Where ever you are, no matter how lonely, the world offers itself to your imagination and calls to you, like the wild geese harsh and exiting, announcing your place in the family of things.”

Thank you/ Kali – Franciska

Blessings from the holy mountain


The last day of my writing journey in India has come. I am so grateful, I have reunited with friends I did not see since 20 years, I ave had most precious darshan with the Mountain Arunachala and Ramana Maharishis very friendly presence that lingers like a parfume around this place. I have made two new precious friends and I have been blessed. In writing the odysse has begun, some 20 000 words and many more to come about a spiritual journey and meeting with many remarkable people, saints and gurus in and out of form. This morning there are three water lilles in the pond. I am feeding the fish, big and small. The big ones lay with their stomach upp and their mouth open to the surface of the water, waiting for the food to come, Really funny, like babies. With or without company in my mind there are always others, me and others. Behind that ongoing conversation with myself acting as me and others, there is wast, unfathomable silence and deep peace. Just holding these both in my hands: the personal and the beyond, brings me peace. I like to quote my teacher in the Diamond Approach:

”When the personality is gone, you feel alone, because the boundaries—your ideas and memories—are your father and mother. The separateness is your memories of your mother and father, your relationship with them and all your past experiences which you’re bringing into the present. Your past experience separates you from the now. That separation from the now is a boundary around you like an eggshell. To let the boundaries go means accepting aloneness. When aloneness is accepted, there are no boundaries. What you perceive then is just lack of boundaries. This will be experienced as a newness, a rebirth.

From Diamond Heart Book Two: The Freedom to Be, ch. 10

And my wisdom teacher Papaji:

You are the One which is aware
of the awareness of objects and ideas.
You are the One which is even more silent than awereness.
You are the Life which precedes the concept of life.
Your nature is Silence and it is not attainable,
It always Is.

~ Sri Poonjaji ‘Papaji’

Send you all my blessings from India and the foot of the mountain Arunachal.

Kali, Franciska