Dear friend! What is it that really matters in the end, how much I got or how much I loved?

As my journey to India is approaching and my new writing project is building up within me I am also questioning what really matters. I am confronted with all kind of feelings; fear, excitement, longing, abandonment. While my project of the translation of my book: An Unlikely Rebellion into English: See more here is still going on, and as I am slowly coming to an end of my writing of my mothers childhood through the World War 2, I am longing for the next heart ful – art ful – love project….writing about my journey to India 1978 when I met with a non-dual teacher named Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj…

Dear friend! What is it that really matters in the end, how much I got or how much I loved? The answer is pretty easy right, I think we all agree that love is the challenge in life, what we need, what we long for, what we struggle with. As I stumbled on this article in the magazine Lions Roar, let me quote: ”…As the defensive/controlling ego cooks and melts down in the heat of love’s influence, a beautiful evolutionary development starts to emerge—the genuine person, who embodies a quality of very human relational presence that is transparent to open-hearted being, right in the midst of the dense confines of worldly conditioning…” Read the whole article here: Intimate relationship as a spiritual crucible

Today I have also ben touched by a short film included below; Painting Peace – with the artist and zen master Kazuaki Tanahashi, see the trailer: Painting peace I felt touched in the quest of what really matters in life. This guy decided already as a child that he wanted to work for peace. That he choose to do it with the arts is what I find so beautiful.




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