”It’s impossible” said pride

Hi everybody! You have heard it again and again, about my book, right?

BUT – most important of all is that YOU also follow YOUR dream. We are here for a short while, lets have fun and change the world. I am so happy that I am going to travel for a five week period to India and start writing on my new book. That means the continuation of my story of how it went when I was going to look for truth, God, Enlightenment, a teacher or whatever you want to call it.

For me it was a burning quest. In 1976 I ventured, after having  broken up from my marriage with my Pakistani. I met many so called holy people, wise people, spiritual people and now I am going back in my own footsteps. I am following my dream, I don’t know why I want to do it, maybe I am perpetuating my ego-activity, maybe I am being totally narcissistic, and I may end up totally broke, because you know what? I have not payed for my first book yet, so I have this loan….but I still want to do it! People who knows about business say I am crazy. But I am following my inspiration, my heart, and I am on an adventure, in freedom.

My wished to have my first book translated to English is another one of my dreams, I cannot say why I want it. Is it just a survival mechanism in me, I ask myself. Maybe, but I am still following my inspiration. There is this force. Other people have kids, grand children, houses, dogs and cats, well I don’t, but there is this creative force within me and it makes me happy. So I started this crowdfunding in order to gather some donation for the translation into English of my first book. You can check it out here: Check my Crowdfunding site…. and you can hear/see me speak about it here: Hi let me tell you about my book – film…And…. if you want to support me you can, but most important of all is that YOU follow YOUR dream. We are here for a short while, lets have fun and change the world.

Lots of love, Kali


Hi let me tell you about my book – film

Check my Crowdfunding site

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