Its difficult to fall in love outside your own culture


It has taken me ten years to write down my story. Now I am soon having it translated into English and you can help me by backing me up. ”An Unlikely Rebellion” is my true story. See film: Film about my project

For some time now I will be posting in English, Swedish readers please 
don't mind, I will come back to Swedish next year.

Please have a look at: Translate into English


In the book you will find authentic letters and photographs and get insight into what a life could look like behind the walls of a conservative Muslim family, a life where women live secluded from the world. Its not a black and white story, but rather a heartfelt description of a family in an old fashioned Patriarchal system and how difficult it is to fall in love outside your own culture.

If you can’t contribute financially, you can still support: Share this link with your friends: Review of my book


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