Hi since I started the crowdfunding for my translation I have been backed by several people all ready. I am amazed and in gratitude for the generosity that people express in backing me up financially. Click on the link below and you can follow how it goes.”>Help me translate my true story ”An Unlikely Rebellion” into English



Photo of the inner domains of my house in Pakistan. Want to read more? Support me in the translation of the book: Gofundme

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Its difficult to fall in love outside your own culture


It has taken me ten years to write down my story. Now I am soon having it translated into English and you can help me by backing me up. ”An Unlikely Rebellion” is my true story. See film: Film about my project

For some time now I will be posting in English, Swedish readers please 
don't mind, I will come back to Swedish next year.

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In the book you will find authentic letters and photographs and get insight into what a life could look like behind the walls of a conservative Muslim family, a life where women live secluded from the world. Its not a black and white story, but rather a heartfelt description of a family in an old fashioned Patriarchal system and how difficult it is to fall in love outside your own culture.

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